What we do

We are an exclusive community of professionals who support each other’s goals and objectives. We focus on providing our members the tools, resources and best practices needed to create lifelong strategic partnerships. Fostering relationships for business development and relationship marketing strategies in the accounting arena is what we do!

If you qualify, you become part of an elite group – the best of the best! Business owners and entrepreneurs who bring diverse backgrounds, experiences and insights to create meaningful strategic relationships.

After the continued growth and expansion of ARG into neighboring cities, Libman chose to collectively merge the strengths of each of his three member resources to rebrand as solely ARG in late 2009.

What Our Members’ Say

ARG is easily the best business development group with which I’m involved. The members are consummate professionals – true experts in their fields – and ethical.  I’ve looked to my fellow members regularly since joining as resources for my clients, and I have never been disappointed.  The group is extremely well-run by the incredibly organized Lisa Rosenthal, who curates meetings and other monthly calls to ensure that each member has the most beneficial experience.  Meanwhile, group head, prolific connector and business development coach Bruce Libman really takes the time to get to know members and mentors them on an individualized basis, going so far as to provide one-on-one business development coaching and providing introductions to other members who are the best possible connections for them. I look forward to the calls and events, and within less than one year I saw a return on my investment.  In short, this is an extraordinary group for professionals who are looking to take their business to the next level.

Adrienne Woods

I have been part of ARG for over 10 years and can confidently say that the ARG network, Bruce Libman & Lisa Rosenthal have been instrumental to my success. As a Mergers & Acquisitions specialist, it is very important to build strong relationships with the trusted advisors for small and mid-sized businesses. Bruce has prioritized bringing in high-character, quality people with integrity, resulting in a very diverse group of professionals all there to help each other grow their businesses. His and Lisa’s leadership through the Covid pandemic enabled many of us to stay connected, pivot our businesses and feel protected through the turmoil. Bruce actively looks out for the well-being of the members and actively assists them in engaging in good business. I highly recommend ARG for anyone seriously interested in growing their business through a quality family of professionals.

Albert Hakim

Transaction Specialist at Kensington Company

I put so much stock in Bruce Libman and the support network at Accountants Resource Group because he has changed my entire perspective on business development and mining the potential inherent in today’s business climate. He exudes a pro-active attitude, geared towards clients’ needs. Bruce is an exceptionally inspiring business mentor and creator of outstanding networking resources, but more importantly he is a profoundly supportive friend, and I believe that is at the heart of his success in the business world.

Brian Bulger

VP Business Development of Marsch & McLennon

ARG is one of the best professional groups in NYC. I have never been affiliated with a group that gave me so much value. You get to meet some of the top professionals in NYC, you get to learn from the best in their industry, you get private strategy sessions and introductions from Bruce Libman, one of the greatest connectors. I have gotten a return on my investment within the first 6 months, definitely worth it.

Julbert Abraham


I want Lisa and you to know about a great ARG story. Since March 2022, through this connection, and getting retained, I have earned about $40,000 in new business to date, and I expect it to continue. As I discussed with you Bruce, I want to thank you for letting me a part of ARG. The Group is an invaluable resource – not just because of what I wrote above and getting new business, but because of the connections and friendships I have made.

Richard Schioppo Esq.

Partner at Zimmet Law Group

A well defined referrals process, through certain groups can generate more than 70-80% of business leads. This is typically compared to investments in marketing which tend to be much higher without any significant change in results. The long range, strategic vision of this group and its overall ROI have always exceeded expectations.

Rob Fishman

Partner at Sandler Training


If you’ve discovered our website, chances are an ARG member has nominated you for membership into our private community. To be considered for membership, please send an inquiry to admin@arg-ny.com or fill out our Contact Us form.

We carefully vet potential members and invite those who complement our culture and share our ideals. We do not guarantee that you will be invited to apply to ARG; however, if selected, founder Bruce Libman will personally interview you to see if your business practices and philosophy are a fit with those of ARG.

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